2X More Effective Than Traditional Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Cutting Edge Technology Provides 2X DEEPER CLEAN than Market Carpet Cleaning Alternatives

Stunning Results. Every Time

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Our Technology

2x More Effective Than Traditional Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • Hot Water to Kill Germs and Mites
  • Deep Cleaning Mechanical Scrubbing Action:
  • Waste water and shampoo sucked back into machine
  • Quick drying times

Carpet Doctor’s All in One Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water is pumped into the carpet, and then agitated with duo high speed rotating brushes to achieve maximum cleaning. The waste water is then sucked back to the machine

  • Hot water pumped into carpet

  • Twin high speed rotating brushes effectively removes tough dirt

  • Built in vacuum system to suck up waste water

  • Waste water sucked up for quick drying

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Traditional Carpet Shampoo

Mechanical scrubbing action scrubs away dirt and grime

  • Cold water used on carpet

  • Rotating disc scrubs carpet to remove dirt

  • Lack of vacuum ability

  • Waste water left on carpet

Traditional Steam Cleaning

Pumps hot water into the carpet to dislodge stains and kill bacteria

  • Hot water pumped into carpet

  • Relies only on hot water to dissolve dirt

  • Nozzle also vacuums up waste water

  • Waste water sucked up for quick drying

The Machine
Bissel BG10
Small footprints enables cleaning of hard to reach corners;
2 x giant rotating powerbrushes for maximum carpet cleaning action;
Dual filter set up traps both fine dust and debris;
Hot water carpet cleaning extraction system cuts drying time from 24 hours to under 3 hours;
With 1,387 reviews on Amazon.com and an average of 4.8/5 stars, this is the #1 Carpet Cleaning Machine in the USA


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